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Concierge Services

At CHRISTUS MUGUERZA we work to grant you a great experience. Our International Patient Logistics Coordinator will guide you through out your medical treatment, by:

  • Providing you with information about both your procedure, physician and hospital, and general data about your hotel lodging, the city you will be staying in, etc.
  • Setting up conference calls with physicians, and guiding you through the admission (check in) process.
  • Helping you to plan flight schedules and travel arrangements.
  • Making your hotel’s reservation.
  • Picking you up at the airport and arranging all transportation during your stay
  • Meeting you before and after the surgery.
  • Keeping the members of your family or your friends informed.
  • Helping you coordinate your discharge (check out) process.
  • Making sure you have all your charts, test results, notes and medical instructions before you leave the hospital.

Meet our Coordinator

Edith Ayala, R.N. is the International Patient Logistics Coordinator at CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®. Edith assists international patients, helps them with their medical travel process and makes sure patients feel comfortable and at home during their stay in Monterrey. An exemplary ambassador to international patients, Edith’s natural warmth and energy provides an excellent welcome to CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®. She will be with you and your companion every step of the way, helping you and your relatives feel at ease and in safe hands.